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What tc/thread count is it?

Thread counts between 200 and 400 are the best for pillow covers. Within that range, a higher number provide a softer feel. So Coolbeds Satin pillow cover are manufactured with 400 Thread Count.

Can it be hand washed?

Pillowcases made from satin silk can certainly go into the laundry. However, if you have the time and the energy, you may want to consider hand-washing an especially high-end or luxurious satin pillowcase like Coolbeds Pillow Covers.Use a gentle detergent, cool water, and a kneading movement to free up dirt or product from the fibers.

How many pairs of pillow cases will we be getting, it says one quantity in description and two in the photos?

For every Purchase, you will be getting 2 pieces of pillow cover and 3 pieces of scrunchies.

Does it fit for memory foam pillows? Mine is large size

Standard King size pillow’s dimensions are 15 x 24 inches. Coolbeds Pillow Case are 18 x 28 inches. So, it should fit king size pillow easily.

As it's polyster fabric, does it generates heat like is it good for summer seasons does it become rough overtime

Satin pillowcases do not make you sweat. They are one of the best cooling pillowcases that you can use to keep you cool during the night. When you use satin pillowcases while sleeping, it will help improve your sleep quality and prevent you from feeling warm, especially during hot summer nights.

What are the washing options?

1. Turn it inside outside

2.Consider HandWashing

3.Consider using laundry bag.

4.Use mild detergent

5.Use cold water.

Satin Pillow Covers if taken proper care, will last for more than a year. Maintenance is the Key.

Can brush be used to wash the pillowcases?

Shouldn’t be as it would damage the threads

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